GBR RIP is a raster image processor designed to convert the Gerber photoplotter format (RS274X) into a bitmap (BMP TIFF and Postscript) for use by imaging and machine vision and inspection equipment (AOI). GBR RIP includes an executable wrapper around the DLL; either which enables the OEM to completely embed the raster engine within his own code.

GBR RIP is extremely fast and robust; it is currently used by over a dozen OEMs in applications such as laser photoplotters, LED/Laser direct-to-board imagers and PCB/substrate inspection systems.

GBR RIP is designed to take a Gerber file input and convert it to a raster image (in memory) using a transform file which controls scaling, rotation, mirroring, window size and DPI. The calling program can then take this bitmap from memory and format it to whatever standard is required and write the data to disk.

Because GBR RIP can process small stripes of an image, there is no upper limit on how large a bitmap can be produced - the larger the image the more stripes are needed - however after each stripe is produced and used, memory is cleared.