The TySOM™ Embedded Development Kit is for the embedded designer who needs a high-performance RTL simulator/debugger for their embedded applications such as IoT, Factory Automation, UAV and Automotive.

The kit includes Riviera-PRO™ Advanced Verification Platform and a Xilinx® Zynq™ development board that contains single Zynq chip (FPGA + Dual ARM® Cortex-A9), memories (DDR3, uSD), communication interfaces (miniPCIe, Ethernet, USB, Pmod, JTAG) and multimedia interfaces (HDMI, audio, CMOS camera).

Top Benefits:
  • High-Performance RTL Simulator
  • Zynq Development Board
  • Advanced RTL Debugging
  • Supports Xilinx® Vivado™ and SDK™ development flow
  • Pre-Validated Ubuntu Embedded Host Reference Design
  • Target applications include Industrial IoT, Factory Automation, UAV, Automotive, Robotics and Computer Vision